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Equipment Helio Carbon 95 Skis 2nd Size 183 Cm

Equipment Helio Carbon 95 Skis 2nd Size 183 Cm

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The 95mm Waist Is A Great Choice For Those Who Mix Full Winter Touring With Spring And Summer Missions And Extended Traverses, And The Early Rise Tip Rocker Provides A Surprising Level Of Float In Variable Snow Conditions. Abs Tail Protector Ptex 4500 Base Industry-Accepted As The Premium Base Material, This Sintered Uhmw-Pe Base Provides Very High Density For Excellent Durability And Wax Retention, Combined With High Carbon Content For Superior Glide. Engineered Paulownia Core Paulownia Wood Is The Material Of Choice When Light Weight Is Required, But Compromising Downhill Performance Is Not An Option. The Stiffness And Weight Properties Of Paulownia Wood Make It The Go-To Material When Using Carbon Fiber Layups. Its Slightly Softer Longitudinal Stiffness Allows For The Use Of Stiffer Carbon Composites Without Compromising The Flex Profile Of The Ski. It Has Good Compressive And Shear Properties, Which Allow For Remarkably Smooth And Chatter-Free Ski Performance At Very Low Weight. Pre-Preg Carbon A Blend Of High-Strength Carbon Fiber Oriented Along Multiple Axes Combined With Strategic Amounts Of High-Strength E-Glass For Toughness And Damping, This Layup Is Optimized For Efficiency Without Giving Up Downhill Performance. Toughened Epoxy Resin Is Added In Precise Quantities Prior To Ski Manufacturing To Ensure Precise Weight And Consistent Quality. This Layup Is Ideal For Any Backcountry Mission.

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