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Alltrack Pro 80 W Ski Boots · Womens · 2024

Alltrack Pro 80 W Ski Boots · Womens · 2024

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Fully-Featured Accessible Womens All-Mountain Ski Boot From The Alltrack Pro Womens Ski Boots Are Built For Technical Excellence And Precise Skiing.Complete With All The Top-End Construction And Features As The Mens Model, The Alltrack Pro W Boot From Uses A Shorter Upper Cuff And Wider Ankle Section Better Suited To Womens Anatomy, For Improved Comfort And Performance. This Model Features An Approachable Flex Rating Of 80, Which Will Typically Be Preferred By Beginner And Intermediate Skiers Or Those With Lighter Builds. The Last Width Of 100mm Means Its Likely To Fit A Wide Range Of Skiers Too. Design By The Generative Design Grid, This Boot Uses The Data-Driven Design Approach That Harnesses The Power Of Generative Design Software To Create The Ideal Boot Shape. The Liner Comes Complete With Thinsulate Stretch Thermal Insulation At The Front Of The Foot To Give You Comfort And Warmth In All Conditions, So Your Feet Can Stay Dry, Warm, And Cozy All The Way From Catching First Laps In The Morning To The Aprs Bar In The Afternoon Constructed With The s Polyurethane Shell, It Well Combined With A Wide 40mm Power Strap And 4 Buckle System, You Can Rely On This Boot For A Smooth, Responsive Feel. Extra Features Like The Walk Mode Add Even More Practicality- Whether Youre Looking To Hike For Big Lines Or Just An Easier Walk-Around Resort, The Alltrack Pro 80 For Women Has You Covered.

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